At the end of June we released our first ever WordPress theme, Liftoff, thus marking our official entrance into the premium WordPress theme market. Those in the WordPress space know that there are lots of WordPress themes out there, many of which are provided by a number of premium theme companies. This raises a couple questions. Why get into this space? Is there room for another one? Heck, with our release of Liftoff the guys at WPCandy even asked as much.

So before I get into our reasons, bear with me for a brief history lesson. Back in November of last year we launched our very first product, the MaxLanding plugin. That release was soon followed by the launch of MaxSqueeze and MaxSales, all of which are related and address a specific niche, internet marketers (although certainly not limited to just that). With the size of the WordPress ecosystem itself, we felt we could carve out a tiny slice and build from there.

After several months of selling those premium plugins, a couple trends started to appear:

  1. Of all the people who came to our site from organic search results, more than half did so with the word “theme” in their keyword search.
  2. Many of our existing customers and pre-sales inquires asked about the templates from our plugins being part of a full-blown WordPress theme instead of the plugins themselves.

In addition to those insights, we’ve come to understand the following:

In WordPress, themes rule the land

The thing about WordPress is that every site that runs on WordPress requires a theme to run. But how many plugins are required to run a WordPress site? Zero. Sure it’s rare to find a WordPress site that doesn’t use any plugins, but it can be done. And that’s a difference maker.

So that brings us to the premium theme space. We think it’s big enough for another player because even though there are many theme shops to choose from, not all are created equal. And the great thing about themes is that the design possibilities are nearly endless with plenty of vertical markets to go around.

We’re looking forward to expanding our offerings and excited about where this will lead. We believe each product we deliver, whether it’s a plugin or a theme, is of much higher quality than most others out there. And that’s our difference maker.

We have a lot of big plans with tons in the pipeline, so keep it right here for all the latest.

October 10, 2011
Written by: Dave Donaldson