Featured Detection with CSS Supports

What if you could query someone’s browser to figure out whether they supported animations or transforms. That would be pretty useful yeah? Well some developments in CSS have given us the opportunity to do just that. While browser support is not that great (surprise!) the possibilities start to look endless with what you could do with a support query. Best line from the post: “The only problem is, ironically, the lack of support for it. However, since CSS degrades well, if a browser does not support @supports it will simply ignore it and read whatever is outside the brackets.”

Why Custom Post Types Belong In Plugins

Since the dawn of being able to create your own custom post types with WordPress, there’s been an ongoing debate about whether custom post types should be baked into a theme or if it’s better to make a plugin. Justin Tadlock weighs in saying that custom post types are “content-generation features” and discusses functionality over form. For anyone still on the fence in this discussion it’s a great read with some nice insights. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

WooThemes Acquires Standard Theme

Over the past few years we’ve seen some major pickups by WooThemes with last year’s acquisition of FlexSlider (now WooSlider) and now the acquisition of “Standard Theme” from 8BIT. Standard Theme will now be fully supported by WooThemes and we’re curious to see what the next batch of updates will do for the theme. Congrats to all the guys at 8BIT on the deal.

Star Wars Opening Credits with mostly CSS

Star Wars fan you are? Well then, this CSS, like it you will. Seriously though, this is a pretty cool pen from Tim Pietrusky re-enacting the exact opening of the original Star Wars, with perfect timing. Using CSS3 transforms and animations the pen will definitely make trekkies so jelly (where’s your opening credits huh?). It’s probably nothing you’d ever use in an actual site, but it’s still a fun little piece of code.

The Best WordPress Security Plugin is You

Your site can never be safe enough. Personally I’ve been dealing with a Pharma Hack that shredded my site’s traffic, an effect that I’m still feeling months after cleaning up the hack. So what can we do to help ourselves other than staying up to date with WordPress installations? Cosper of WPEngine has a few tips in this talk from a recent WordCamp. Logging in with SSL protection, setting up a VPN or two-factor authentication can be huge helps in thwarting would-be hackers. I’ll sound like an overprotective parent saying this but, you can never be too safe!

Flare, the new Sharebar?

Sharebar was the standard sharing plugin for quite some time. Digg Digg came a long and took away some of the Sharebar users. Now Flare, still under 50k downloads at the time of this post, is starting to catch the eye of folks wanting to share their content in a nice way. With share counts and the ability to change out color for each individual social icon. It’s not without faults (as can be seen from some 1-star reviews) but it’s at least worth a try if you’re looking for a new sharing tool.

September 23, 2013
Written by: John Hartley