What’s New In WordPress 3.7

Three short months after the release of WordPress 3.6, WordPress has released 3.7. Headed by Andrew Nacin, 3.7 addresses some “smaller” issues that will help with security fixes when 3.7.1 comes out. With automatic background updates, WordPress hopes to keep WordPress users safer moving forward. There’s also a better password strength indicator and an upgrade to the search functionality. Brian Krogsgard gives a great breakdown of more updates.

Automatic Core Updates Taken Further

Extending the “background updates” of WordPress 3.7 to include plugins and large version updates take a look at this note in the core. If you’re not familiar with editing the wp-config file, then it’s probably best to stay away, but imagine never having to manually update your site ever again. Pretty awesome thought.

WordPress Releases Plugin To Test Automatic Background Updates

Last major 3.7 update comes from WP Tavern and that’s the announcement of the Background Tester plugin, which will easily let you know what you need to do to prep your installation for automatic updates. It’s pretty cool to see them pushing so hard for the automatic updates even though some folks prefer the personal bond with updating manually.

MaxGalleria v1.5.3 – NextGEN Gallery Importer Fixed

Over the weekend we released an update to MaxGalleria to address some issues with the latest version of NextGEN. Everything is back and fully operational now, so you are able to import your NextGEN galleries with ease once again. If you’re looking to switch from NextGEN, MaxGalleria makes it easy and you can get it now for only $29.

WordPress Acquisitions: A Tale of WordPress Businesses that Were Bought & Sold

The acquisition side of the web is definitely an interesting ecosystem. WPLift put together a great article about the top acquisitions over the past few years, how each came about and what was done after the purchase. Interesting to see that some acquisitions continue to do well while others take a nose dive. Nice read for anyone thinking of selling off their products.

Luke W – Breaking Development: UI Design and Layout with CSS Flexbox

Luke W took some copious notes at the Breaking Development Conference and put them in a post about flexbox. A new piece of web I’ve mentioned before, flexbox continues to open up new doorways to the responsive future. A snippet: “Designers are not stupid, they are capable of learning and would be happy to add code as another one of their tools. We have to make things easier. Flexbox is a step in the right direction.”

Why Didn’t Healthcare.gov Just Use WordPress?

WordPress certainly has it’s fair share of fan boys, but what did you think about this article? I’ve read into folks using WordPress as an app framework, but for something as large as healthcare.gov? Whichever side you fall on, you have to give props to those that are steadfast in their opinions in the comments. One Mr. Chris Christoff is unwavering in his support of WordPress being the correct choice and seems willing to defend it to the death. While I too am a lover of WordPress it’s just not always the right answer. Best comment for that post here. Wherever you fall it’s always interesting to see a comment battle between two sides.

Coming Soon – Redesigned WordPress Admin Screen with 3.8

Do you hate change? If so you may not be too excited about the dashboard re-design for 3.8 that’s coming soon. If you’re like me though, you’re ready for a new look. The Dashboard has looked the same for quite some time and earlier this year it was hinted that a new look may be in the works (project MP6). Looks like it’s almost a sure thing and the design team has been working hard for the changes to be added in time for 3.8 (due out in December). What do you think of the new look?

October 28, 2013
Written by: John Hartley