NextGEN Gallery Alternative – MaxGalleria Lite Released

This weekend we got approval for MaxGalleria Lite, our free version of our popular gallery plugin. If you’ve been looking for a replacement for the NextGEN gallery plugin or on the fence about purchasing MaxGalleria, you can now experience first-hand how easy MaxGalleria is to use. You can download it now from the WordPress plugin repository.

Adding Profile Fields for WordPress Users

If you have user interactions on your WordPress installation or multiple authors/editors, you may want to add a few extra fields. With this quick tutorial from David Walsh, adding extra fields is extremely easy. It’s just a matter of plopping some code into your functions.php and then adding the information you’d like to show in the template file itself.

Standards for Front-end Developers

If you’re interested at all in becoming a front-end developer, this is one of the best lists of resources and things to learn. From JavaScript and Sass to Sublime Text Packages and CSS, the list does a great job of outlining things you ought to know before claiming to be an “expert”.

Responsive Icons

We’ve seen responsive sites and responsive videos and responsive images, but responsive icons, now that’s something new. Check out the example and prepare for your mind to be blown as you resize your browser window. The idea behind it (transforming iconography to fit the device) is a bit of a new idea and I’m curious to see where it goes from here.

The Most Amazing Parallax Experience Ever – The Walking Dead

Even if you’re not a fan of zombies or The Walking Dead, this site is still a technical marvel. Mixing horizontal parallax scrolling with the original graphic novel style of art, the site is both interesting for its visuals and its facts. Give it a run through and become zombified.

MaxGalleria v1.5.4 Update

Along with the release of MaxGalleria Lite, we also released an update to MaxGalleria that fixes a few bugs, specifically the image captions and a new “stacking” issue that was popping up for some users. Update from your dashboard or download the new version from your MaxGalleria account.

How To Disable Related Videos For YouTube Embeds

While we’re on the subject of media in WordPress, WP Tavern released a post on how to embed YouTube videos without showing the related videos at the end. A few tiny steps can help prevent your visitors from seeing totally randomly related videos when they get to the end of your masterpiece.

Customizing The WordPress Admin

With the talk of a new user interface for the WordPress dashboard in 3.8, WP Tuts+ put together a series of posts around how to update the admin portion of WordPress on your own. Customizing the dashboard widgets, re-styling the menus, all can be done quite easily.

November 4, 2013
Written by: John Hartley