40% off of Everything – Pre Black Friday Sale

We’ve got a Pre Black Friday deal going on for all of our products this week and into next, 40% off all of our products including all license levels and license renewals for MaxGalleria, MaxButtons Pro, and MaxInbound. Share the wealth and tell all of your WordPress-savvy friends. The deal ends Nov 26.

We give an F

Deviant Art had both a dark and shining moment this week after a user was unable to visit the site while at school because of an errant F-bomb in the CSS comments. Deviant art responded quickly and through the power of LESS removed all Developer comments in their code. The CSS is now swear-free and ready for all to use again. Props to the support team at Deviant Art for their quick turnaround.

Proven Ways To Make Money with WordPress Websites

Who doesn’t like making money? This post goes over some of the more popular ways of generating revenue from your blog. From selling ad space to using affiliate links, the options are almost endless, but which will be most successful for you?

Setting Grunt for WordPress

I haven’t had time to try out this method yet, but Grunt has become quite popular in the web development community. Even reading through now makes my head spin a bit, but isn’t that what all new technology is supposed to do? The recently released Ghost blogging platform is based on node.js, a major part of the Grunt tutorial.

Habits of Successful New Web Professionals

None of us have figured out the secret to being successful all of the time, so take a look at some of these habits and tips for folks that are new to a company in the web profession. Most importantly (to me at least) is “Ask Questions.” No one ever grows by being silent, so swallow your pride and ask.

“Never Heard of it” – Admitting You Don’t Know

Speaking of not knowing, Lyza Danger Gardner wrote a post this week on fessing up to not knowing something instead of nodding and then researching later just to save face. Web-based technologies can be learned, but with so many out there we may not know them all, as Gardner says, “yet.”

Why Sass

If you’re looking for some ammo in the Sass/LESS war, Dan Cederholm just gave you some. While not perfect, there are some common misconceptions that Cederholm clears up and goes into his personal experiences with Sass.

Frosted Glass CSS and SVG Demo – CodePen

I’m honestly not sure why I think this is so cool, but it may be because of the combination of cats and cool filter effects. That’s right, SVG frosted glass over a cat. All CSS.

Responsive Images – End of the Year Report

We’ve come a long way this year with all sorts of web type things and responsive images have really matured. Bruce Lawson goes over some of the more important developments in responsive images from the year so far.

10 Free WordPress Themes Based on Foundation

In terms of the framework battle, I’ve sided with ZURB and their Foundation framework. With Foundation 5 on the horizon, WP Tavern put together a list of the top 10 free Foundation-based WordPress themes.

November 18, 2013
Written by: John Hartley