30 Beautiful Brewery Sites Built With WordPress

The craft beer wave is sweeping over America and with it come brand new brewery websites. WPTavern fittingly goes through 30 of the best brewery websites built on top of WordPress. For those of you arguing with folks who say WordPress is only for blogs, here are 30 examples of non-blog sites.

7 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Responsive

I’ve been asked many times if there are plugins to quickly make your site responsive and my general answer is no, because good responsive design takes time. This list of 7 plugins is probably as close as it gets to immediate responsive results and with that in mind, my top choice would be WPTouch as it has continuously evolved into a better and better product. Check them out for yourself if you’re looking for a quick-fix.

Best WordPress Video Themes for 2014

I haven’t tested any of these myself but WPBeginner puts together pretty good lists and if you’re going to be posting lots of videos to your blog this year, why not have a video-focused theme?

WordPress Front-End Editor Plugin – Major Updates

The dashboard of WordPress can be a bit daunting to a client without CMS experience so wouldn’t it be nice to have a front-end editor? That’s exactly what Automattic is trying to do with their newest plugin. It’s still very experimental and they warn not to use in production, but hey, life’s short. Sometimes you’ve got to live on the edge.

When To Use target=”_blank”

Is there ever an actual right time to use target=”_blank” in your links? Chris Coyier says yes, but only in certain situations. There are many more wrong reasons to use “_blank” than there are right reasons, but to each his own. What do you think about opening a new tab?

The Year Everyone Went 4K

4K screens! That’s right, 4K is the wave of the future (if you’ve got the dough) and Dave Rupert comments on the implications that resolution that high brings. High resolution screens will no longer be limited to those touting retina displays, so how do we handle such pixelations with responsive design. Solution: rely more on CSS and SVG. SVG ALL THE THINGS!!!

Examples of Large Website Menus

2013 seemed to be the year of the large web elements; large headers, large footers, more spacing. Design Modo put together a nice list of some sites that pulled off the large menus quite well. I like the simplicity of Deutschesee but also really like the unique display of Altspace. Are big menus a waste of space or do you find them to be great for more “designer-y” sites.

Old Timey Royalty-Free Photos

New Old Stock is a collection of “vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.” So if you’re looking for some old stock photos for a site or design, look no further. I’m not 100% certain that there are no copyright limitations on the photos, but that just makes using them more exciting.

January 27, 2014
Written by: John Hartley