Progeny MMXIV: Free WordPress Theme Perfect For Audio

WPTavern put out a great review of a Twenty Fourteen child theme this week that is audio focused. With a look that definitely rivals other free audio themes, Progeny MMXIV comes equipped with a great Gigs Custom Post Type and easy to use albums type, perfect for the audiofile client trying to build their own iTunes.

The Beginner’s Guide To WordPress SEO by Yoast

The two major contenders in WordPress SEO are WordPress SEO by Yoast and All-in-One SEO. Whichever you use, congratulations, you’re working to make your site more SEO friendly. If you’ve not started with either yet, WPTuts+ has a nice three-part tutorial to get you started. What are you waiting for, make your site SEO-friendly today.

The History of WordPress

The history of WordPress sometimes seems like a campfire story told to the younger members of the community in a magical realism sort of way, with Matt Mullenweg magically becoming the leader in a new CMS to rival them all and while that’s partially true, WPExplorer put together a nice piece of history for their readers. If you’ve never gotten the full story or are interested in knowing your roots, this is a great read. From a simple fork came the platform that I’m writing to you with. Pretty cool that it’s happened in just 10 years.

Widget Customizer Proposed for WordPress 3.9

If you’ve been looking for an easier way to setup widgets, you may not need to look much further. The Widget Customizer plugin is being proposed to move into the core of WordPress making setting widgets up much easier. This is still a pretty young idea, so keep an eye on it.

Guest Blogging Not Dead

You’ve probably heard the name Matt Cutts thrown around in conversations about anything SEO-related. He made internet waves again two weeks ago when he told everyone that guest blogging was dead and gone. The post got some folks stirred up and Google CEO tweeted to explain a few things, eventually noting “why change the type of site you create because @mattcutts said something? Build quality no matter what.” That resonated quite well with everyone and helped refocus us on what’s important. Quality content. As long as you’re creating quality content, it doesn’t matter who’s writing it on your site. That being said, do you have any fears about what Cutts said?

Someone Stole My $50,000 Twitter Account: A Story of Security

Security is a major issue across the entire web and this past week I read this post on Medium and just had to share it. The insanity of what information hosts and people holding your credit cards will give publicly to someone acting like you is crazy. Someone hacked and held all GoDaddy domains of this poor man hostage after guessing at the last 4 digits of a credit card. Minimal hacking and then a thorough explanation of how he did it. Be careful out there folks.

Responsive Design Isn’t Good Enough

Responsive design is in its third year, depending on when you started counting, but now that there are more and more responsive sites, we can start to look at a huge sample of good and bad implementations. James Stout takes a look at some of the things that are still lagging in terms of performance and makes some great points about site purpose. If you’ve implemented a responsive design in the last year or so this is a great read for review.

<picture> Still A Viable Option

A while back we noted that srcN was the front-runner for responsive images, but it looks like <picture> is still a contender. The most notable difference between picture and video can be found under section 3. This is definitely in the wheelhouse of tl;dr for some, but if you’re invested in making responsive images better, this spec will help prep you for the future.

February 3, 2014
Written by: John Hartley