Embed ALL THE THINGS, Responsively

Ever wanted to add YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Maps, Instagram, Vine or more to your responsive web site but weren’t sure how to get it all in there? Embed Responsively aims to eliminate the stress involved with the whole process by easily generating the code you need to make your embedded media responsive. Simply pop in your media URL and click embed to grab the code and implement in your site. A word of warning, it’s best to put the CSS into a stylesheet instead of inline (best practices and such).

Big Business WordPress Webinar

I like free and this webinar just so happens to be free, and it’s about WordPress in big business sites. I’m always interesting in hearing how to pitch and implement larger WordPress sites, so this webinar definitely caught my eye. It’s happening tomorrow so make sure you sign up soon.

Sarah Gooding of WPMU moving to WP Tavern

If you’ve taken a look at WPMU over the years, a name you probably saw consistently was Sarah Gooding. Author of a large number of posts, she’s hanging up her tools at WPMU and heading over to WP Tavern full-time to work with Jeffro. A great addition to the Tavern team in my opinion. What will they do next?!

WordPress Custom Post Type Guides

Can we ever have enough resources for Custom Post Types? I think not, so here’s another great link to resources for one of the more flexible portions of WordPress. Line25 has four resources and and seven guides, all for your Custom Post Type health.

Performance as Design

Brad Frost put together another great post on performance and where we’re starting to get really fat. “We now have more toys to play with, and that means more potential to do damage” and create slow web experiences (especially for mobile). In the end, Frost says it comes down to respect. “Respect your users’ time and they will be more likely to walk away with a positive experience,” agree or disagree?

Pressgram Security Concerns

Pressgram is alive and well and being downloaded by folks looking for an alternative to Instagram, but it’s not without it’s flaws. George Stephanis points out how username and password may not be as protected on your local device as you think and calls for the total removal of the server process, leaving users to snap and upload without the server middleman. An interesting read on the security side of WordPress Apps.

September 9, 2013
Written by: John Hartley