Integrating With WordPress UI: The Basics

Stephen Harris put together this great collection of UI tips regarding WordPress integration. There are ways to seamlessly integrate your plugins and themes with the built-in aesthetic of WordPress and Harris does a great job of touching on how and why. The article is the first in a three-part series, which is now complete. Going through each different section gives you something else to offer when creating an end-user experience. If you’re using neon green backgrounds for your plugin admin, definitely take a look at this article.

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ThemeForest: An Experiment

Justin Tadlock started an experiment this past week, one which may result in failure, but in doing so, show a gap in the ThemeForest system. He plans on creating a clean, semantic, standards-friendly WordPress theme and selling it on ThemeForest. The hope is that selling his “Unique” theme will show that you don’t need a thousand shortcodes or fifteen different custom post types to have a great theme. What do you think? Do standards-friendly themes have a place in ThemeForest? Should there be a separate category for minimally-written themes? Or is the system fine the way it is.

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This is Responsive – Responsive Resources

We’ve mentioned him before, but Brad Frost really is at the forefront of responsive web design. His most recent contribution is the site “This Is Responsive,” a github project that covers many different responsive design aspects, from patterns and techniques to a gigantic list of resources, split up into different categories. And yes, WordPress is one of those categories. But seriously, this is the largest repository of responsive design resources that you will find on the web. No matter what level of responsive design you are at, there’s something in this resource that you haven’t come across.

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Writing WordPress Code

This was tweeted out earlier this morning and I try to take time in the morning to read about something new, or read something that will help me grow. While the ideas in Tom McFarlin’s post may not be earth-shattering, they are definitely great great reminders of who we are as coders. He takes a look at the responsibilities we have to servers and end-users. One of the best questions McFarlin raises is, “Is the code we are writing clean, clever, both or neither.” Hopefully it’s not neither, but this article is sure to get you thinking about how you can improve as a dev, whether it’s with pure PHP or with WordPress.

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September 24, 2012
Written by: John Hartley