Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend everyone! After you’re done waiting in line for several hours, sit back and enjoy the links in this week’s “This Week In WordPress”.

WordPress 3.3 Beta 4 Available Now
What am I thankful for? WordPress releasing the 4th beta version of WordPress 3.3 on Thanksgiving. When it comes to beta testing, the more the merrier right?

10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 3.3
Speaking of WordPress 3.3, Aaron Brazell came up with a list of 10 important things you need to know. Drag and Drop Media Uploader? Yes, please.

PressTrends – Analytics for WordPress theme creators, currently closed beta
PressTrends is in a closed beta with one of the coolest analytics programs for WordPress I’ve seen. It tracks how people use and interact with your theme so you can build better in the future.

15 Responsive CSS Frameworks Worth Considering
If you’re looking to get into the responsive web design game, SpeckyBoy has pulled together a list of 15 frameworks to work with. I’ve used at least two of them and (inuit.css and the 1140px grid) and have been pretty happy with both.

Reverie – Versatile HTML5 Responsive WordPress Framework
While we’re on the subject of responsive frameworks, we would be remiss if we did not include Reverie. This ThemeFortress framework takes frameworks to the next level with a responsive HTML5 framework with customizable features.

Alphabetical Listing of CSS Features
Can’t think of how to correctly use a CSS feature? Head to Mozilla’s alphabetical CSS reference page for all the ins and outs of your favorite feature.

Simple Horizontal Rule CSS Solutions
Using horizontal rules just became a viable option as Chris Coyier gives us a look at using CSS to style the HR element into something beautiful. Take note of the “Flaired Edges” HR toward the bottom.

Pressbooks free and open to the public
PressBooks, a site built with WordPress that allows you to write books and export them in a variety of ways, is now open to the public. Even if you’re not much of an author, it’s never to early to start you memoirs.

3 Ways to Reset The WordPress Loop
When using query_post in your WP loop it is imperative that things be reset. Digging Into WordPress shows you three ways to reset the loop for optimal querying.

WordPress Hosting Reviews
If you don’t have hosting for your WordPress site or blog, no one else on the interwebs can enjoy it. WordPress Hosting Reviews shows you the highest rated hosting services so you don’t have to Google for hours on end.

November 25, 2011
Written by: Dave Donaldson