WordPress 3.5 Beta 3

Excited for the release of WordPress 3.5 yet? So are we, and this week, WordPress 3.5 Beta 3 was released with over 300 changes since 3.5 Beta 2. There are a lot of changes with the Media Uploader and how all of that works, so we definitely recommend trying it out. It looks like the WordPress team is on track for their early December release and that’s pretty exciting since it will have only been half a year since 3.4 came out.
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IE10: Fast, Fluid, Perfect for Touch, and Available Now for Windows 7

It’s here, the IE we’ve all been waiting for. The main highlight is that IE10 now has support for the HTML5 and CSS3 that developers have been craving. This is definitely a step in the right direction and with it’s hardware acceleration for faster browsing, Windows users should be pumped. You can download the preview today to get started with the new Internet Explorer.
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Two Ways to Develop WordPress Plugins: Object-Oriented Programming

We’ve not met Tom McFarlin, but we sure do like what he has to say about WordPress. His first part in the series on how to develop WordPress plugins goes over Object-Oriented Programming. He goes over widgets, class-based plugins, public function, private functions and every function in between. If you’ve been looking for a way to better develop your plugins, take a look at this WPTuts+ article.
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Rethinking WordPress Plugin Directory

We mentioned “Ghost” a few weeks ago, a re-imagining of the WordPress dashboard for those who just want to blog and this week we’re talking about re-imagining the WordPress Plugin Directory. Often overlooked, the functionality of the plugin directory could use some tweaking, and Matt Gibbs of WP Mayor discusses how he would improve things. Better filtering and improved search functionality? Sign us up.
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WordPress Localization is a Must

When we released MaxButtons, we were scolded because our plugin was not ready for internationalization. Instead of getting upset about someone pointing that out, we realized that he was 100% right. Our users are not English-speaking only. So we made some changes, updated our plugin and learned that, if you do it while creating the plugin, internationalization is not that hard.
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Gallery Plugins and WordPress 3.5

As mentioned above, WordPress 3.5 Beta 3 has a lot of new features regarding the Media Uploader and media in general. So how do the new features affect gallery plugins and other media plugins? Take a look at our post covering some of the more common “gallery-related” questions and see if you’re plugin will face tough times when 3.5 is released.
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November 19, 2012
Written by: John Hartley