Just about everyday we come across an article, blog post, or website that we find interesting, especially as it relates to what we do. Many times we’ll add these things to Delicious or Instapaper and go back and read later, but we also want a better outlet to share them with people. And thus, “This Week In WordPress” is born.

Starting today and occurring every Friday, we’ll be publishing a collection of links we’ve discovered over the previous few days. Given the vastness of the WordPress ecosystem, this will include links related to design, technology, typography, SEO, marketing, branding, and of course things like WordPress-specific tutorials, coding techniques, and tips-and-tricks.

So with that, here we go:

Things To Look For When Choosing A Theme For Your Blog
Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog can be tough, but One Extra Pixel makes that process a bit easier for you in this article.

How To Add Multiple Tiny MCE Editors To Your WordPress Theme Or Plugin
Ever wonder how to get more than one TinyMCE editor in your WordPress theme or plugin? We show you how.

How to Add Google Web Fonts to Your TinyMCE Editor in WordPress
As a follow up to adding multiple TinyMCE editors to your WordPress theme or plugin, we next show you how to enhance it with Google Web Fonts.

Pure CSS3 Content Slider
Months ago a pure CSS3 content slider was unheard of, but here is the best example we’ve seen, and available for you to download.

10 Great Google Font Combinations You Can Copy
Design Shack put together a nice post about pairing Google Web Fonts together to spruce up your headers and paragraphs. Excellent combination examples here.

15 Essential Photoshop Tools For Web Design
Finding tools for designing themes can be tough, but .net magazine put out a great list to help you speed up the design process.

FeedWordPress Plugin
One of the best RSS feed aggregators out there. Customization options are almost limitless.

Mobile Web Content Adaptation Techniques
MobiForge put out a great article on mobile content adaptation techniques. Be sure to check out their chart of the main techniques currently in use.

Essential Considerations For Crafting Quality Media Queries
Responsive themes is a big deal to us at Max Foundry. This post from Zomigi has some great ideas for how to craft the perfect set of media queries.

WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 Available
WordPress 3.3 is already in it’s 3rd beta, which is available for download. This is beta testing at its finest.

Unicode Character Recognition
Have you ever needed to write the code for a specific symbol but couldn’t find it anywhere? With this unicode character recognition site, just draw the symbol with your mouse and click ‘Recognize’ for the proper unicode.

November 11, 2011
Written by: Dave Donaldson