WordPress Query Generator

Not fond of creating your own $args for your custom WordPress query? WP Query Generator gives you a mad-lib style form where you can customize your query needs and then outputs it in nicely formatted code. Great little piece of software to help you save some time. Don’t like the output it gives you? You can still change it. Just copy, paste and edit.

The Right Way To Retinafy Your Websites

Over the past few years developers have had to switch their mindset from developing for one screen to many sizes and resolutions. Allan Berger has some great tips on Net Tuts+ on how to allow your site to be retina-friendly. The not possible answer: SVG ALL THE THINGS!!! The better answer, use bi-cubic downsampling to your advantage.

40 Bootstrap Tools and Generators

Bootstrap is still one of the top quick prototyping tools for web design and development and this list of 40 tools and generators will make life even easier for those of you taking advantage of the open source project. From CDN’s to video player skins and color scheme generators, you’re bound to find something useful in this list.

WordPress Nostalgia

A bit of fun on this, the tenth birthday of WordPress from WP Tavern. Take a look at this list of nostalgic posts as well as some links to what the original WordPress installation looked and felt like. For folks like me who have only been using WordPress for ~3 years, it’s crazy to see how far it’s come.

Stylify Me

Want to know what your favorite sites are made of? Stylify.me lets you take a look under the hood at the colors, fonts and image dimensions of any site. If you like the generated style guide well enough you can download it as a PDF for future use. Pretty cool way to view site styling.

Helium CSS

With a name like “Helium CSS” you’d probably guess that it’s got to do with making your styles more lightweight. If that’s what you guessed, then you’re exactly right. Helium is a bit of JavaScript that you can install on local development sites to see what CSS can probably get thrown out (bits that are rarely used across multiple pages). Help your site float a bit more and give Helium a shot.

Pure CSS3 Star Wars Lightsaber Checkboxes

As CSS3 gets more fleshed out, we’ve started to see some awesome CSS3 experiments. This one takes the cake for “Star Wars Themed” CSS3 with lightsaber checkboxes. All that’s missing is the trademark noise. View on CodePen to see what really makes it tick (No JS).

Screen Sizes

Finally, a sortable compendium of screen size, resolution and popularity. You are now free to set all the breakpoints that are currently in use (if you hate yourself). Taking a look at this list will give you a pretty good idea of the different “general” sizes that you should be designing and developing for, although we know it’s best to just squish your design until it breaks. Still a great resource for designing and developing responsive sites.

May 27, 2013
Written by: John Hartley