WordPress Query Comprehensive Reference – Gist
I recently learned about the wonderful world of gists, code snippets on Github that people post and you can fork or watch or download. This past week I found this comprehensive query reference for querying in WordPress. While you would never want to slap the entire gist into your theme, it’s definitely one to watch. Find snippets to search through taxonomy, meta tags, post__in, post__not_in and more.

All Settings Plugin
See all the hidden options in your WordPress site with the All Settings plugin. For those that may want to control every single aspect of a WordPress site, this plugin is definitely for you. The plugin simply adds an extra menu bar to the Settings panel and shows you everything. The plugin takes everything from options.php and turns it into an easy to use admin layout.

WordPress Genius Bakery – Jitterbug
Earlier this week, Max Foundry backed a Kickstarter project called the “Jitterbug Bakery,” located (in the future) in Georgia. The project will result in the building and establishing of a bakery/coffeehouse/WordPress Genius bar when completed. All Jitterbug employees will be proficient in WordPress and it will be a great place to go for blog or site help. It’s awesome to see the WordPress community rallying around this project, with some devs offering WP help to those who donate to the project. There are also tastier incentives to making a donation, like bakery recipes or baked goods care packages.

How to Create Stunning Effects With 165 Media Queries or Less!
Arley McBlain wrote a guest post on CSS Tricks this past week all about media queries and responsive design. While there aren’t too many code snippets, there are some great ideas in here, from tweaking personal projects to changing descriptive words based on browser size. And yes, if you view the demo and view the source, there are 165 media queries for changing the content. Now that is dedication to responsiveness.

March 19, 2012
Written by: John Hartley