WordPress Resources Bookmarked

We all love finding great resources and then bookmarking them. This list is great bookmarked sites that you can now bookmark. Chris Lema takes you through some of his top picks when it comes to News (poststat.us is on there), Developing (Pippins Plugins and Yoast) and Hosting-based Blogs (WP Engine makes the grade). If you’re anything like me, you’ve already got hundreds of items bookmarked, but this list is nice and concise and may help cure your bookmarking hoarding, because let’s face it, do you really still need that WordPress bookmark about 2.1?

Why Loading Your Own jQuery is Irresponsible

What’s the best way to load jQuery in WordPress. This has sparked many conversations and is something that the newbie developer may not even consider. Pippin, of Pippins Plugins, explains in great detail the importance of using the version of jQuery that comes with WordPress and gives suggestions on how else to use it if you refuse to use the helpful WordPress way. An important note toward the bottom was “the official WordPress.org repository and ThemeForest.net, do not permit themes to replace the default version of jQuery.” Dropping knowledge bombs all over the place.

Move Over UI Team – WordPress Admin Themes?

The WordPress admin interface has not gotten much of a botox boost over the years and some users/developers are starting to take notice. sure the buttons are more “modern” now, but how far has it really come? Justin Tadlock takes a look at a topic many have dreamt about and discussed but hadn’t really had a chance to make a reality. The gist of it is admin themes. Creating themes that change the look and layout of the Admin dashboard so you can do what you need to do, much quicker. Developers could take out clutter, add in sweet open graphs, the possibilities become endless and I’m kind of excited to think about it. Hopefully WordPress takes note and we see something like this by 3.7 or 3.8.

Browser Hacks

It’s a fact of life. Developers still have to code for legacy browsers from time to time. To make things easier on everyone, a site called Browser Hacks is sitting out there on the web with a wealth of “hack” knowledge. They do acknowledge that, while hacks are sometimes necessary, graceful degradation is much nicer for everyone. If you absolutely must have a specific new style for an old old browser, Browser Hacks is here to help. Time to add that to my bookmark stash.

WordPress Security Threats That You Should Look Out For

No one is safe! We are all under attack! I may be a bit paranoid, so I like to try and stay current on different security tips, which is why I enjoyed this article from WP Tuts+. Something as simple as removing the WordPress version can reduce your risk of attack. Other tips include Login Using Different Combinations, Confirmation of Login Information and Access to Editors.

March 11, 2013
Written by: John Hartley