WordPress 3.4 Is Here
Kermit the frog may have thought it wasn’t easy being “green” and the WordPress team probably feels the same, but WordPress 3.4 “Green” is finally out. Check out the link to get a brief overview and a highlight video of the latest WordPress release.

10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 3.4
There have been many of these links before, but now that 3.4 is out, it’s still good to know what the new WordPress is capable of. One of the coolest new features is the ability to embed a tweet link and have the tweet link actually show up as if it were on Twitter. HTML is now also allowed in captions for photos, allowing you to strong and em your captions to your heart’s content.

IE7 Tax on Kogan.com
I debated putting this in this week’s post, because I didn’t want to seem like an IE7 hater, but I thought it was an interesting look at what developers who need users to upgrade might start doing in the next year or so. I’m not sure what Microsoft thinks about this, but they’re probably excited that people are trying to push updates in new ways. What do you think of an IE7 tax if possible business lost would be less than IE7 development costs?

Free WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin
Imagine if your entire site could be backed up with the installation of a simple plugin. That dream is now a reality with the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin from @michaeldewildt. The plugin lets you exclude certain files or folders from being backed up and there are premium add-ons to help conserve space. Tying into your Dropbox to allow a site backup seems like a no-brainer for the total price of $0.

WordPress Theme SEO
As theme and plugin developers we try to take into account how best to help you get your message out to the most people. Part of that is creating themes that look good, but Smashing Magazine goes into another big part of theme development, optimizing SEO. While some of the tips may seem common sense, the ideas on RSS feeds and a friendly robots.txt file are definitely good to know.

June 18, 2012
Written by: John Hartley