How Commercial Plugin Developers Are Using the WordPress Repository
A great read from Smashing Mag that takes a look into how plugin developers are monetizing the plugin repository. With API keys and lite versions, developers are staying within the WordPress guidelines to make the most out of a free product. If you are a plugin developer, definitely take a look at this article to get some money-making ideas.

Measuring Impact of Plugins on WordPress Loading
Earlier this year we linked to a plugin that shows you which of your installed plugins are bringing down your load time. This article from dev4press takes a deeper look at what impact your plugins are having on your load time. Tables included in this article look at 35 plugins and you “can see how much memory each plugin needs during loading, how many SQL queries are run and how many hooks attached to WordPress, as well as the total time needed for this loading stage.” This is definitely the most intensive look into plugin load-time that I’ve seen.

10 Responsive WordPress Plugins to Compliment Your Theme
Responsiveness is a big deal to us, with customer service and our themes. This list from Sarah Gooding at WPMU takes a look at several plugins that will further your responsive attempts. If your looking for fluid images, videos, and sliders, this list has something for you.

8 Responsive jQuery Sliders
While we’re on the subject of responsive images and sliders, this post from Web Design Ledger brings together 8 of the best responsive jQuery sliders on the internet. I’m fond of Flexslider because it uses images of cupcakes and was one of the first responsive sliders to hit the web.

Sleek Little CSS3 Menu
You may click on the above link and say, so what another CSS3 menu, no big deal. While it may not use new technology or code, this sleek menu is an awesome example of using multiple CSS3 effects to take a menu that could look very plain to a menu that looks like it has actual buttons.

January 16, 2012
Written by: John Hartley