MaxButtons Pro – Everything We Have For $100

That’s right, we’re running a deal where you can get all of our button packs and MaxButtons Pro for only $100. That’s 66 button packs and the plugin for 70% off. Button packs ranging from social media and social badges to cart and call-to-action buttons. We think it’s a pretty great deal and hope you check it out. Did we mention that it also now has integration with the Shopp plugin?

Practical Tips For Aspiring WordPress Developers

The beginning of the year is one of the best times to set development goals for yourself. This WP Tuts+ article by Tom McFarlin is a great starter guide on how to get started with developing for WordPress. The biggest takeaway for me was getting comfortable with the WordPress coding standards. It’s easy to toss code together, but putting it together in accordance with a set of standards can help simplify and keep your code more organized.

WordPress Theme Customizer

Remember the Theme Customizer that came out with WordPress 3.4? If you haven’t started adding support into your themes for the Customizer then you are either only doing per-client themes or you’re waiting for a detailed guide on how to do so. Behold! The detailed guide you’ve been waiting for. Alex Mansfield, aka Theme Foundation, shows you how to add the Customizer to the menu, add new settings, create additional control types and much more. Give this a once or twice through if you’ve not worked with the Customizer.

5 Sublime Text Tweaks & Tips

If you’re like me and use Sublime Text 2 as your Text Editor of choice, the above link will open up a new door on copying and pasting code. No more, first line’s good but the rest is all wonky. Paste and Indent is just one of the five tips from Wes Bos. If you haven’t tried Sublime Text 2, it’s a great alternative to Coda and TextMate. I recommend it to anyone searching for a new text editor, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you decide to use it, check out these five visual tweaks for ST2, also from Wes Bos.

Late New Years Resolution – Answer A Question A Day

It’s never to late to create a new New Year’s Resolution. I started one this past week and that is to answer at least one question a day on the support forums. Whether it’s a simple installation question or a complex plugin hack question, the WordPress community will be that much better. I’ve already learned a lot from other people adding on to my answers and even when I’m completely wrong, I’m still learning something new.

January 14, 2013
Written by: John Hartley