MaxInbound: The Next Level of WordPress Landing Pages
Last week we released MaxInbound, our latest WordPress plugin that helps internet marketers easily create great-looking landing pages for clickthroughs, lead generations, and sales letters. This is basically our popular Marketeer theme in plugin form and sports an impressive list of features.

We love bacon and bacon.jquery.js is a delicious jQuery plugin that allows you to wrap text around a bezier curve or a line.Along with curving the text around a line you can also align the text on the inner portion of the bacon image. This would be great for a one-page site or a very artsy feel.

Responsive Images: How They Almost Worked
I read this article expecting A List Apart to tell me that I was a fool for using responsive images, but it was more of an outline of how responsive images can be improved with whatever spec comes out next. Primarily they call for more of a choice with which image is shown, depending on the device being used. Mat Marquis wraps the article up by calling for <picture> tags that are similar to the HTML5 <video> tag.

CSS3 Image Styles – Embossed, Soft Embossed, Pressed/Cutout, and Glossy
As developers, we sometimes don’t get super fancy with effects for images, something that our designers may not be too happy about. This tutorial from Web Designer Wall goes over the main stylistic effects that can be implemented with CSS3. I’m especially fond of the glossy look.

10 Great Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum is the standard filler, but on projects that are supposed to be more fun, do you really want to use such an ancient language? Sweeten things up with Cupcake Ipsum, or any other choice from the list Awwwards put together. Just be sure to use caution with the Samuel L Ipsum generator. You may have some unhappy clients if you leave that in there.

30 Free UI Kits Featuring Detailed Web Design Elements
At Max Foundry we’ve found out that you can never have enough free UI tools to take a look at when trying to come up with the next big idea. This list from Line25 will definitely get you going in the right direction with UI freebies that range from dark buttons to soft blue icons.

February 6, 2012
Written by: John Hartley