MaxButtons Pro Is Coming, Get It for Half Off
We’re taking our free MaxButtons CSS Button Generator plugin and turning it into the ultimate button resource for WordPress. Import/export functionality, Google Web Fonts, and pre-defined button packs are just a few things you can do with our upcoming MaxButtons Pro plugin. And you can sign up to get it for HALF OFF.

Integrating Amazon S3 with WordPress
To the cloud! That’s the latest trend in web storage and Smashing Magazine backs that up with this article on integrating WP with Amazon S3. Storing full WordPress sites might not be great for the cloud, but plugin data is another story.

20 Ways to Make WordPress Mobile Friendly
With everything we’ve said about responsive themes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share this list with you. WordPress Jedi goes over 20 ways to “mobilize” your WordPress site, ranging from mobile themes, to plugins, to app builders.

More Free Icon Sets
Can there really ever be too many free icons? We don’t think so, and that is why we’re sharing this list with you. Cult-foo’s list has some minimalist, yet sleek icons, all for you to use without charge.

CSS Numbering In Style
Ordered lists can look pretty boring. With these tips from Chris Coyier, you can turn your numbered lists into works of art. Well, maybe not that far, but you can at least make them look good. Coyier goes over several techniques including adding numbers to definition lists.

WordPress 3.3 Field Guide for Developers
WordPress is evolving daily and as the finalized version of 3.3 prepares itself for release, it’s important for developers to be familiar with the upgrades. Andrew Nacin gives you a look at what you need to know to survive when the finalized version of 3.3 is released. He’s got some great insight on what filters have gone away.

HostGator Wins Best 2011 WordPress Host
A lot of factors go into a good WordPress host. One-click install, plugins and themes that are added upon install and the list goes on. WordPress Hosting Reviews rated HostGator as the best WP Host for 2011. If you’re undecided about what host to choose for your site, maybe give HostGator a shot. My experience with them has always been pretty good.

Best WordPress Plugins To Use In 2012
Although very subjective, plugin lists are some of the most helpful articles in the WordPress community. WP Mayor brings you their list of plugins you should use next year. The list includes one of my favorite contact forms, Contact Form 7. You could do a lot worse than the plugins on this list, so take a look, try a few out and let us know what your favorites are.

Front-End Style Guides
When working on a project with several designers or developers, 24Ways thinks it’s a good idea to have front-end style guides and we agree. A front-end style guide covers styling for all elements that will be used throughout any website. Pretty helpful for really any project of any size.

Clear Indications That It’s Time To Redesign
Although it may seem common sense to some, Smashing Magazine put out a list to help you get moving with a redesign. They are all pretty good indications, especially their first point “Metrics are down”. If you’re guilty of more than half of these, maybe it’s time to consider changing your site up.

Automatically add a Google +1 button on all posts
With so many different types of share bars and social networking plugins, the amount of adds, likes, and thumbs up you have on your page can be overwhelming. WPRecipes has a simple way to add a Google +1 button to the end of all your posts, plugin-free.

December 9, 2011
Written by: John Hartley