WordPress 3.3 Release Candidate 1 Now Available
Progress is rarely a bad thing and with Release Candidate 1, developers and WordPress users are one step closer to having the newest version of WordPress at their fingertips. We’re clearly excited since this is the third week we’ve talked about 3.3 releases.

WPCandy To Release Quarterly Publication
Somehow we missed this in last week’s edition, but our friends over at WPCandy are launching a quarterly print magazine for WordPress. If you order now you can 25% off the yearly price. All the best WP articles in a quarterly magazine? Sounds like a great Christmas gift if you ask us.

The Slow Adoption Rate of New Versions of WordPress
When was the last time you updated your version of WordPress? Chances are if you’re not a developer or a keen WP navigator, it may have been a while. If you’re still on the 3.0 bandwagon, get off and upgrade!

How WordPress Took the CMS Crown from Drupal and Joomla
You may be surprised to find out the WordPress has over 50% of the CMS market. We know we were. Smashing Magazine gives the details on how WordPress stole the CMS spotlight.

Useful WordPress Code Snippets and Hacks
A developer can never have enough snippets of code when creating a custom theme. This list of 23 snippets and “hacks” from WebExpedition18 will prove helpful in the future. Definitely a few good analytics snippets that you can implement without a plugin.

6 iPad Plugins for WordPress
As the iPad gains ground in the tablet wars, designing and developing for it is taking a bit of a turn. WordPress Jedi takes a look at 6 of the top plugins for iPad compatability. iPad Swipe looks like it could be a major timesaver for a great functionality feature.

InstaCSS – The CSS Documentation You Always Wanted
There are so many things to know about CSS. If the documentation were printed out, it would most likely rival War and Peace. Instead of wasting the ink and paper, instacss.com gives you the chance to view all documentation in your browser. Same thing goes for HTML and Javascript. Web folks are so helpful.

Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery
We’ve featured Codrops before, but that doesn’t mean we’re just linking to their articles to be lazy. This CSS3 tutorial is another example of great ways that web technology is moving forward.

Overflow Image with Vertical Centering for Responsive Web Design
Responsive images can be tough, but this tutorial adds an extra level of relief for when you’re about to pull out your hair. You’ll have to use a pinch of Javascript to pull it off, but it’s better than losing your head.

40 Sets of Free Social Media Icons
No developer or designer wants to spend hours on end searching for social media icon sets (even though we do). That’s why Vandelay Designs has rounded up 40 of the best icon packs across the internets. From clean to grungy, there’s sure to be a set for you.

Show Specific Date Range of Posts
When developing a custom site for a client, you may come across the need to only show a range of post dates instead of the most recent. More specific than an archive or calendar, this snippet will make your client think you are a wizard.

PHP Errors For Designers
For those of you that don’t spend all of your time looking at code and prefer pixels, Smashing Magazine posted an article just for you. Best piece of advice I took away from this was that debugging has a way of showing you exactly what the issue is, so use it.

December 2, 2011
Written by: John Hartley