This week we’re implementing a slight change to “This Week In WordPress”: we’re moving it from Fridays to Mondays, which is why you’re reading it today instead of this past Friday. We realized that once we posted on Fridays, we always found more stuff that afternoon and into the weekend, but because we already made the post, those items would have to wait until the following Friday. Also, having these go out on Mondays just feels like a good way to start the week, so here we go.

WordPress 3.3 Out Now!
Codenamed “Sonny,” WordPress 3.3 is out now and available for download. It’s already been downloaded about 1.4 million times, and we suggest upgrading your WordPress sites as soon as possible. For you WordPress codemonkeys (like us), check out last week’s “This Week in WordPress” for the 3.3 field guide for developers.

8 Excellent Resources to Enhance Your WordPress Sidebar
The sidebar is extremely common across most WordPress sites, so how can you make yours stick out? This list of resources will help you spice it up without being tacky or boring.

Caching WordPress
Website speed should be a priority in any website build. Whether it’s a large-scale site or a three-page microsite for Grandma’s log figurine collection, load time should be as quick as possible. Andy Killen takes a look at how you can maximize your PHP in WordPress to minimize load time.

40+ Must Have Cheat Sheets For Designers
Who doesn’t love a good cheat sheet, or better yet, a list of cheat sheets? The faster we can create, the more valuable we become. These cheat sheets give you access to some of the quickest shortcuts on the net.

Create Your Own WordPress Widgets
Widgets make the world go round, and the library of widgets seems almost endless. As you create your WordPress sites, you may realize that you need a widget that does something so specific that no one has ever come up with it before. When specificity is a must, here’s a tutorial on how to create your own widget.

Microsoft Will Auto-update IE
Not much needs said about Microsoft’s announcement to auto-update Internet Explorer. It’s a Christmas miracle.

99 Sites All Designers Must Know About
In the web world, you can never have too many resources. This all-inclusive list covers Web Design, Typography, Web 2.0 and even relaxation sites. Santa came early in delivering this list of goodies.

HTML5 and CSS3 Advent 2011 Calendar
With Advent almost over, most of the windows to great HTML5 and CSS3 effects are open for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out “Day 12: Shady Text Effects.” Great Holiday spirit from Dutch-based Digitpaint.

The CSS3 :not selector
While CSS3 may get a lot of attention for animation, transformations and transitions, the pseudo-element :not hasn’t gotten much love. This article shows how :not can help you when creating your sites.

December 19, 2011
Written by: John Hartley