Page Templates In Subdirectories In WordPress 3.4
Speed, memory usage and performance are or should be important to you. The WordPress team, Andrew Nacin particularly, wants to make all of these things easier for you. Follow the link above to learn more about the exciting feature you aren’t likely to see in a release announcement.

Translating Your WordPress Site
Supporting multiple languages is important if your site or blog is going to reach more than one core demographic. WPLift takes a look at some of the best ways to get your site ready for speakers of any language. Google Translate seems to be a top choice, but the Polylang UI definitely has me leaning in that direction. What do you use to make your site multilingual?

Awesome WordPress Wallpapers
WordPress Wallpapers is the best collection of wallpapers related to WordPress on the web. Although there are only three pages of wallpapers at the time of this writing, expect more in the coming weeks. Geek out and let your desktop show off what your real passion is. Another great part is that wallpapers are also available for tablets and mobile devices AND they’re all free. The WP community is wonderful!

11 Light Subtle Patterns by Orman Clark
We’ve talked about subtle patterns before and use them quite frequently, so of course we’ve got love for these 11 patterns. This freebie will add some texture to your backgrounds, giving it more depth and making you look like a texture genius. You’ll have to submit your email address, but it’s worth it to add some depth to that background textures folder on your desktop.

Beautiful Web Type Combinations
Font combinations can be tough. Do you go with all serif, all sans-serif or a nice mixture? The above GitHub repo was created and contains 8+ of examples and the names of the fonts used. Although you may not want to use these exact combinations, it’s a great piece of inspiration for web-type brain-blockage. Watch the repository on GitHub to see updates when they happen.

Interesting Javascript Library for Syntax Highlighting
More wonderful GitHubness with this project that makes your code pretty. Rainbow is a customizable Javascript library that is great if you’re tired of the standard syntax highlighting. Not a fan of yellow? That’s fine, Rainbow has editable CSS for you to easily make color changes. To grab the Rainbow library, simply fork it on GitHub or just watch the repo.

GitHub – Instantly Beautiful Project Pages
With all of this GitHub talk we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the new GitHub Page Generator. After pushing a project to GitHub, you can instantly have a great page to accompany the project. As it stands now there are only eight themes to choose from, but as the generator grows in popularity, so too will the theme library. Check it out and tell us what your favorite theme is.

If you missed it yesterday, one of the best technology-related pranks was MORE CSS, the extended brother of SASS and LESS. What’s MORE you ask? Only the finest way to use CSS. With the slogan “write more, do less” you know people want it to catch on. No more confusing numbers, just write it all out!

April 2, 2012
Written by: John Hartley