Today is a big day for us as we announce our newest product offering: Liftoff, a launch theme for WordPress.

Liftoff is a super-quick theme to launch your new website or product. It’s a single page theme that allows you to start generating buzz and collecting email leads well before your launch date, thus ensuring you get a big jump start on your marketing efforts.


Liftoff isn’t like other launch themes. It’s focus is on providing great eye-catching, high-resolution backgrounds to use on your website. These images invoke emotion and a sense of feeling, which is a rare thing to find, and is something visitors to your website will find engaging.

And just because Liftoff is a single page theme doesn’t mean it’s devoid of options; there are plenty. Liftoff has easy-to-use settings for the favicon, logo, background, form, Twitter and Facebook icons, the countdown timer, analytics, and even a spot for custom styles.

Licensing, Support, Upgrades

As with our other products, Liftoff is licensed under the GPL and comes with 1 year of support and upgrades.

Just Getting Started

This is really just the beginning for Liftoff. We plan on adding more background images, more options, and possibly integration with some external services we can’t talk about yet.

But for now, Liftoff is ready to rock. For full details, features, settings, and examples, check it out here.

30% Off

Oh, one last thing. To celebrate the launch of our Liftoff theme, we’re giving everyone 30% off all of our products, including Liftoff, from now until this Sunday night (July 3, 2011) at midnight PST. Just use the promo code LIFTOFF when you checkout.

June 29, 2011
Written by: Dave Donaldson