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Using Font Awesome in Your WordPress Theme Font Awesome is one of, if not the top used icon font on the web. It’s easy enough to throw it into your WordPress theme, but do you know how to get it in there the right way? Tuts+ takes a look at loading it in through functions.php to get the cleanest result. – For Compressing Things I know I mentioned an image optimizer last week too,… Read more »

Make: Responsive WordPress Theme With A Page Builder that Doesn’t Suck When I initially saw this review I thought, “great another page builder to make child theming and/or client site development constipated and hard to use” but I was happily surprised. With four easy to use content options, setting up a page in Make is quite easy. The limitation of choice is refreshing and doesn’t seem to weigh the creator down. While it is a… Read more »

CSS Shapes 101 Rectangles, squares, ellipses. These are the things of Clip Art text from back in the day, but soon they will be available in CSS. That’s right, CSS Shapes are becoming a reality which bring forward some extra creative possibilities. A List Apart explains. WTF – Simple CSS Helper For Forms Described as “Friendlier HTML form controls with a little CSS magic. Designed for IE9+, as well as the latest Chrome, Safari, and… Read more »

The Emerging Global Web – Slideshow Some great global statistics on mobile usage as well as mobile e-commerce. If you’re looking to go global with your next project, give this slideshow a look. Backed by some great studies, the slides will give you a look at how people around the world and connecting to and using the web. 25 Most Beautiful WordPress Themes of 2014 While most of these are premium themes, a majority of… Read more »

WP Job Manager We’ve seen all seen job boards before. Some do it well, others not so much. Mike Jolley, of WooCommerce, has a great plugin out there that handles all of your job board needs. As with the standard WooCommerce model, the initial product is free, but then there are a host of add-ons. Looks pretty easy to use and startup time seems minimal. If you’re looking to host job listings, WP Job Manager… Read more »

WordPress 3.9 Features Infographic Last week we looked at some overviews of WordPress 3.9, but for those of you that are more visual, here’s an infographic with the major talking points of the latest release. From new media adjustments to the new theme interface, you can get a quick glance of why you should be updating to the latest stable version of WordPress. Amazing Fresh WordPress Hacks “Hacks” isn’t a very friendly word, but it… Read more »

FacetWP Run Through – Search Plugin If you’ve been to Amazon or any other retail type site you’ve most likely encountered a sorting mechanism much like FacetWP, which uses categories tags or other meta information to get your search refined to exactly what you are looking for. Select some options and your page refreshes with AJAX to reveal the new results. If you’re setting up a new housing site, keep FacetWP in mind for your… Read more »

We’ll make it quick today since it’s the day before taxes are due, so on with the links! WordPress 3.8.3 Maintenance Release A quick fix for the Quick Draft editor is now out for WordPress v3.8.3 alongside a nice apology to anyone who lost work while using quick draft. In a PR world where teams scramble to cover up bad publicity via social media and empty apologies, it’s nice to have a sincere staff apology… Read more »

Ghost Buttons – Tumblr The Ghost buttons, generally a transparent background with a border, have made a large push with the latest iOS update as well as the flat design UIs of today. When a trend or widely accepted design practice pops up, there’s almost always a tumblr for it. For these ghost buttons there definitely is. Some of the color combos are pretty awesome. Flexbox vs. Table – CSS Performance Test I’ve mentioned flexbox… Read more »

MaxGalleria 2.0 – The World’s First WordPress Gallery Platform The winds of change are blowing and the guys behind MaxGalleria have been working on a huge update. With MaxGalleria 2.0, we’ve flipped that model on its head and are turning it into the world’s first WordPress gallery platform, which consists of a free core plugin and paid addons that extend core functionality. Look for the new and highly improved MaxGalleria toward the end of April…. Read more »