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5 Tips on Launching a Digital Product If you’ve never launched a digital product before, there are a lot of tiny pieces that may go unnoticed. Obox Themes gives a nice 5 point breakdown of things to think about before putting your product out in the open. Launch time is definitely a major decision, but the tip to test one more time and not launch first thing in the morning is a great idea. Git… Read more »

5 Virtues of a Good Developer To be a web developer you have to know your stuff. To be a good web developer you need to push yourself a bit harder. Treehouse gives a list of five things you can do to improve yourself and prevent yourself from becoming complacent. Pretty good tips for aspiring devs. A Brief History of a WordPress Theme Business We’ve said it before. Being a WordPress Theme developer is tough…. Read more »

Why Bootstrap Is A Bad Fit For WordPress Themes With Bootstrap and Foundation taking the reigns as the top web frameworks, it’s not surprising that many themes are leveraging the quick prototyping they offer. But ThemeShaper takes a look at why WordPress may not be a good fit. A great point here is that Bootstrap was originally created for back-end apps. Frank Klein also points out that using Bootstrap can limit design creativity. What do… Read more »

Web Design Is A Process If you’re looking for a great WordPress designer for advice, you could do a lot worse than Morten Rand-Hendriksen. In this WordCamp talk he talks about the process of web design and how it relates to WordPress. If you’ve got some time, there are some great tidbits about the whole process in general. Sass Comes To Underscores _s or Underscores is a popular, bare-bones starter theme for WordPress. As of… Read more »

WordPress 3.9.2 – Security Release There was a bit of a kerfuffle this last week with security as a major XML-RPC vulnerability was found. WordPress was pretty quick to patch things up and promptly released v3.9.2. Not the WordPress release we wanted, but definitely one we needed. 4.0 release is still scheduled for later this month. Creates A Bit of a Stir This picture of a t-shirt caused a bit of commotion with it’s… Read more »

Ulimate Guide To Keeping WordPress Secure From best practices to how hackers get into your site, WPMU Dev goes into detail with an abundance of links to help you keep your installation safe. There are some common sense tips, but others, like all of the important installation settings may be new to you. Either way, security refreshers are always nice and WPMU does a great job in this post. What Makes a WordPress Theme Beautiful… Read more »

Writing Maintainable WordPress Themes As part of his Maintainable WordPress series, Tom McFarlin takes a look at keeping WordPress Themes easy to update. Currently there is only a post about laying out directories, but as an architect knows, it takes a good foundation to create a sturdy base to build from. New Design for One of my favorite sites for seeing where we are with new CSS tech specs is and this last… Read more »

Authoring Critical Above-the-Fold CSS We’ve all heard about the fold and keeping the most important information above that line is extremely important, especially for landing pages. Ben Edwards guest blogged on CSS Tricks about figuring out the best ways to create a lean, mean responsive site. Pre-processors, loadCSS all come into play and can help to minimize the effort and weight of your site. Profiling WordPress Plugin Performance Plugins can weigh down your site. Whether… Read more »

WordPress 4.0 to Add Language Selection on Installation WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 is out and with it the news that you will now be able to select your language when setting up your initial WordPress install. This is just another push to beef up the globalization effort on the part of WordPress, making it more accessible to folks across the world. Advanced Custom Fields – What’s New in v5.0 ACF 5 is making some changes… Read more »

WordPress Podcasts You Should Be Listening to It’s great to find something to listen to that is both informative and fun and Curtis McHale has a list of three you should be listening to. The always on the list podcast is The Matt Report. Matt Medeiros has done a great job keeping this podcast up and has regular guests that discuss the WordPress industry. Also on the list are Made With WP and Apply Filters…. Read more »