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The WhiP – WordPress Daily Newsletter While This Week In WordPress is only a weekly newsletter, WPMU Dev announced their daily newsletter The WhiP, this past week. If you’re looking for the latest WordPress news in an easily digestible format, subscribe to The WhiP today. 10Up – Engineering Best Practices This is a great resource for anyone looking to beef up their WordPress query knowledge. The best practices go over a host of items that… Read more »

Dawn Patrol – WordPress In The World Noel Tock shared his new labor of love this past week and explained that he hopes Dawn Patrol to be a look through the lens of WordPress communities around the world. Using Vimeo and Amara (a translation service) videos can be captured in any language with WordPress as the unifying theme. Pretty cool and looking forward to more. Startup Framework For WordPress A while back I discussed the… Read more »

WordCamp Shirts as Art This was pretty cool. Folks send in their WordCamp shirts and the shirt are stretched and placed on frame and hung up. Quite the collection of shirts from around the world! Introducing Reactor – Easily Create Apps From WordPress Everyone wants a plugin that makes mobile easier. Whether it’s responsive design or mobile apps, there didn’t really seem to be a “magic button” plugin that made mobile easy until I saw… Read more »

Maintainable WordPress Meta Boxes It’s been a while since we’ve featured a McFarlin files post, but Maintainable Meta Boxes is too good to not share. Here he gives a quick summary of the series he wrote on Tuts+. If you’re a plugin or theme developer these maintainable posts are pretty awesome. GIFDrop – The Magical GIF Plugin If you’ve seen the site GIPHY and thought, that’s a cool way to sort my GIF collection, it’s… Read more »

A Look At WordPress Hosting WP Explorer takes a look at what goes into the hosting of a WordPress site from the basics of version of PHP and MySQL to different hosting plans. While they don’t go too in depth into the best hosting or WordPress-only hosts, it’s a great introduction if you’re just starting to look for hosting or if you’re dissatisfied with your current setup. Best WordPress Job Postings Plugin Updated this past… Read more »

Seven WordPress Plugins To Help Mobile Users Tuts+ brings to you a nice list of plugins to “Help You With Responsive & Adaptive Web Design” and get your sites mobile. I’ve mentioned Hammy and WPtouch before, but Responsible and Responsive Widgets were new to me. Check the plugins out and see if they’re right for your responsive designs. Why WordPress Needs FTP Maybe you’ve encountered FTP when trying to upload a .zip file for a… Read more »

Ultimate Guide to iPhone Resolutions A quick guide to help you understand the breakpoints that all iPhones have and what resolutions you will be dealing with when keeping your site responsive and retina-ready. Tablesaw – Good-looking Responsive Tables Responsive tables are tough. What’s the best way to showcase tabular data on a mobile device? Lucky the Filament Group is here to help. With their jQuery plugins, you can get a spiffy looking table on any… Read more »

How To Get Paid For Plugins and Themes The internet is great, because you can create something small and it becomes this amazing tool that everyone uses. But how can you go from a small plugin or theme to a household WordPress name? Torque Mag gives some tips on how to get more exposure for yourself and your product. From free versions to great support, sometimes it’s all about the little things. Fibonacci Flexbox Composer… Read more »

Improving Smashing Mag – Performance Study Smashing Magazine takes a look at how they re-worked their own site to be optimized for all devices. It’s a bit of a read, but well worth it if you are in the optimization stages of your own site. From front-end techniques to deferring non-critical JavaScript, you can take a glimpse at how one of the largest web design and development resources on the web got their site purring… Read more »

5 Tips on Launching a Digital Product If you’ve never launched a digital product before, there are a lot of tiny pieces that may go unnoticed. Obox Themes gives a nice 5 point breakdown of things to think about before putting your product out in the open. Launch time is definitely a major decision, but the tip to test one more time and not launch first thing in the morning is a great idea. Git… Read more »