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We’ll make it quick today since it’s the day before taxes are due, so on with the links! WordPress 3.8.3 Maintenance Release A quick fix for the Quick Draft editor is now out for WordPress v3.8.3 alongside a nice apology to anyone who lost work while using quick draft. In a PR world where teams scramble to cover up bad publicity via social media and empty apologies, it’s nice to have a sincere staff apology… Read more »

Ghost Buttons – Tumblr The Ghost buttons, generally a transparent background with a border, have made a large push with the latest iOS update as well as the flat design UIs of today. When a trend or widely accepted design practice pops up, there’s almost always a tumblr for it. For these ghost buttons there definitely is. Some of the color combos are pretty awesome. Flexbox vs. Table – CSS Performance Test I’ve mentioned flexbox… Read more »

MaxGalleria 2.0 – The World’s First WordPress Gallery Platform The winds of change are blowing and the guys behind MaxGalleria have been working on a huge update. With MaxGalleria 2.0, we’ve flipped that model on its head and are turning it into the world’s first WordPress gallery platform, which consists of a free core plugin and paid addons that extend core functionality. Look for the new and highly improved MaxGalleria toward the end of April…. Read more »

WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 is Out After making “over a hundred changes” Beta 2 is now out and ready for testing. Not too many crazy changes to note, but there was a lot of extra love given to the widget management. For bugs, post to the Beta support forums. Getting Modular With CSS Animations Val Head is great with CSS and thankfully for you she’s put together a great series on CSS Animations called “All… Read more »

WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 The time has come to shake off the beta dust and get to kicking with 3.9 Beta 1. Items of note in the next version revolve around TinyMCE and media management. No more gallery thumbnail, but actual live preview in the Editor. The ability to load audio and video playlists (which we mentioned last week) is in for sure along with improving image editing. Overall, a better media experience for everyone…. Read more »

Crop Image Size Changes Coming in 3.9 Release While at WordCamp Dayton this weekend I overheard some talk about image cropping coming in WordPress 3.9. After finding the trac ticket and reading through, it looks like some cool features are in the works. The new cropping functionality will surely win over those that are heavy into photo dropping in WordPress. Only 90s Developers I was lucky enough to start developing toward the end of 2009,… Read more »

Stock Photos That Don’t Suck I believe that you can never have enough free options when it comes to stock imagery. No more “Man Wearing Tunic Playing Poker” photos, just hi-res photos that are free for personal or commercial use. One of my new favorites is SplitShire because, along with hi-res photos, it also has HD Video. Pretty cool and totally free. Media Uploader Support for Video Playlists A changeset that had a few people… Read more »

WordPress Plugin Support eBook WordPress plugin development is tough enough but add supporting that plugin and we’ve got ourselves a difficult piece of software. I haven’t read the full thing, but Mika Epstein looks to have put out a gem with this new eBook. While the book does not go over the ins and outs of developing the actual plugin, it lends insight into the world of what happens after a plugin is released including… Read more »

40 Experts Share Their Favorite WordPress Plugins WPKube put together a great resource with this list. Some of the top names in the WordPress game were asked what plugins they use the most/are their favorites and the list has a few gems. The top 7 responses were not surprising featuring Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and Akismet, but there were some I’d never even heard of, like Rublon (two-factor authentication) and RB Internal Links (helps with… Read more »

WordPress Contact Form Tips That Will Save Your Life – WP Bacon Everyone could use a little help when it comes to doing contact forms well and WP Bacon has a few helpful tips. One that I hadn’t really thought of is “Record Your Form Submissions” in case your email goes down or some synapse in the middle gets snapped. This will give you a record on the database that you can refer to if… Read more »