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Writing Maintainable WordPress Themes As part of his Maintainable WordPress series, Tom McFarlin takes a look at keeping WordPress Themes easy to update. Currently there is only a post about laying out directories, but as an architect knows, it takes a good foundation to create a sturdy base to build from. New Design for One of my favorite sites for seeing where we are with new CSS tech specs is and this last… Read more »

Authoring Critical Above-the-Fold CSS We’ve all heard about the fold and keeping the most important information above that line is extremely important, especially for landing pages. Ben Edwards guest blogged on CSS Tricks about figuring out the best ways to create a lean, mean responsive site. Pre-processors, loadCSS all come into play and can help to minimize the effort and weight of your site. Profiling WordPress Plugin Performance Plugins can weigh down your site. Whether… Read more »

WordPress 4.0 to Add Language Selection on Installation WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 is out and with it the news that you will now be able to select your language when setting up your initial WordPress install. This is just another push to beef up the globalization effort on the part of WordPress, making it more accessible to folks across the world. Advanced Custom Fields – What’s New in v5.0 ACF 5 is making some changes… Read more »

WordPress Podcasts You Should Be Listening to It’s great to find something to listen to that is both informative and fun and Curtis McHale has a list of three you should be listening to. The always on the list podcast is The Matt Report. Matt Medeiros has done a great job keeping this podcast up and has regular guests that discuss the WordPress industry. Also on the list are Made With WP and Apply Filters…. Read more »

The Future of WordPress From the Envato blog, we get a look into the crystal ball for WordPress needs and wants. While WordPress is widely used it still may not be as user-friendly as we all want. Is it time to forget about backwards compatibility and ditch the old interface? Hard to tell, but the post gives a great overview of all aspects of the switch. We’re All Ruining WordPress This was the big post… Read more » – All The Hooks, Filters, and Actions If you’re a plugin or theme dev, you need to check this site out. It’s a database of all of the hooks, filters, actions, classes, functions and shortcodes in different WordPress versions. While the examples may not be very robust, it gives you a quick look at all the different ways you can bend WordPress to your will. WordPress Tip – Loading Google Fonts Over SSL and… Read more »

The Future of WordPress Plugins Chris Lema brings up some interesting points in talking about the future of WordPress themes and plugins. “The integration of mobile components of remote servers, with tight integration to your plugins and themes is an incredible dynamic.” Updating themes and plugins or making adjustments from your phone is possible now, but what if there was an app that stood alone so you didn’t have to log in to the dashboard?… Read more »

WooThemes on Theme Pricing Updates As a large seller of themes, WooThemes is undergoing some changes in their pricing model. Standard theme prices are dropping $20 with the developer license dropping $40. The decision stems from the lack of use of the “bonus” themes that tend to come with theme purchases. Now without the bonus themes, customers can reap the benefits of an extra Jackson in their pocket. Made With WP Podcast WordPress podcasts come… Read more »

Using Font Awesome in Your WordPress Theme Font Awesome is one of, if not the top used icon font on the web. It’s easy enough to throw it into your WordPress theme, but do you know how to get it in there the right way? Tuts+ takes a look at loading it in through functions.php to get the cleanest result. – For Compressing Things I know I mentioned an image optimizer last week too,… Read more »

Make: Responsive WordPress Theme With A Page Builder that Doesn’t Suck When I initially saw this review I thought, “great another page builder to make child theming and/or client site development constipated and hard to use” but I was happily surprised. With four easy to use content options, setting up a page in Make is quite easy. The limitation of choice is refreshing and doesn’t seem to weigh the creator down. While it is a… Read more »